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Hi!  My name is Melissa (Mel).  Around these parts I use the surname Buchanan, which is actually my great-grandmother's name.  I feel very drawn to my Scottish & British background.  I created a modern take of the Buchanan Tartan on Photoshop and had it printed onto canvas which now proudly hangs on my wall.  I have a Scottish dog and eat porridge nearly every day. :)

I've drawn, painted, stitched and created since I was a wee thing.  Always fascinated with pictures, I love creative photography and interesting faces.  My tastes range from bold colours, simple lines, intricate details and stripped back monochrome.  Anything is fair game.  As long as it's gorgeous, beautiful, interesting and/or intriguing.

My day jobs have included working in television production & broadcasting, and sales & promotions for a record company.  I still love television.  I still love music.  Lately I've become more and more drawn to fashion - the images, the clothes, the photography, the illustrations.  This blog serves as a celebration of my new found passion, plus my own personal educational journey.  I hope you'll join me!


I'd love you to get in touch:
designbirdy [at] gmail [dot] com